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Alastair Haddow

I work with my Business Partner, Brian Knauer, President of Florida Insurance Brokers. Brian has been a broker for health insurance for over 25 years, he is past President for our local and Florida Agents Association and is Continued Education Instructor for other health agents.

We have several Small Business clients that we have been offering Health Insurance and Employee benefits such as Dental, Vision, Life and Disability Insurance- these are either additional benefits that are employer paid or we offer as a group benefit but paid by the employee. We are committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies for health benefits for your employees. Our services are always tailored to your unique needs. Our approach allows us to serve you without compromise. Our reward is satisfied clients!

2017 has brought the country a new President, but also a realization by some of the Health Insurance carriers that new plan designs were needed that could bypass some of the Obamacare ACA requirements and therefore allowing them to offer lower premiums to more groups that are able to qualify.

For our business clients and prospects we determine their requirement, analyze it and come to a solution our proposal that meets the company's budget and required benefits, saving the client the headache and time to review all the carriers and their plan options.

It is very important to us that we explain the plan benefits to your employees as it's a well known fact within the industry the employee will appreciate the benefit to a much greater extent than those employees that are just given their insurance card. We have found that the more engaged the employee is about their health and coverage, the happier he or she is, and is also reflected in their positive attitude and work ethic, often resulting in increased productivity.

There are more insurance carriers offering Wellness Benefits along with the Health Insurance that can in some cases lower future Health Insurance premiums, either the following month or after the next renewal. The business receives the savings and the employee receives gift cards to various online and retail outlets - which by the way they love. Once one employee gets a $50 or even $100 gift card word spreads around the workplace quickly. This has been great in helping to reduce premiums and sick leave.

Companies do not need to wait for their RENEWAL to change their Health Insurance coverage to start immediate savings - CALL or EMAIL if you want to start now.

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