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Podcasts - 2016
Do You Have This Egg In Your Financial Basket?
December 2016

Tuition has gone up more than 50% since 1999 and there's no sign of it slowing down. Luckily, there are a lot of great tools to help you plan and save so you or your loved ones can afford higher education. Tune in as John Wheeler, 40+ year veteran in the Insurance Industry, shares one out-of-the box savings tool you might not have considered!

Saving and Spending: Secrets of Centenarians
November 2016

Did you know that centenarians are the fastest growing segment of the American population? The odds of living a long and vivacious life are increasing all the time, so how do we make the most out of our years? Author Steve Franklin traveled the country interviewing centenarians, and he shares their wisdom with you!

Health Insurance: Get Ready for Open Enrollment
October 2016

Listening to the news these days, it's hard not to be concerned and confused as we prepare for Open Enrollment. We invited Terry Frett, Health Insurance Consultant, to shed a little light on what's happening to all the big carriers, what could happen after the presidential election, and why consumers have the ball in their court to demand change.

Look Before You LIRP
August 2016

After David McKnight taught us about the 0% tax bracket in his book The Power of Zero, he followed it up with his new tax-savings strategy book Look Before You LIRP. Tune in as David offers even more ideas on how you might protect yourself in an uncertain economic future.

Social Security: Maximize & Thrive!
July 2016

Social Security is widely used but is also one of the least understood retirement tools there is. Tune in as Tim Kiesling, a nationally-recognized Social Security Speaker and Consultant, explains how the newest changes could affect your retirement!

How Jason Battled Cancer and Still Paid the Bills
May 2016

Jason Mendelsohn was a young professional who had it all - a booming family business, a beautiful wife, healthy kids, and he was in the best shape of his life....until he was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Tune in to hear how Disability Income Insurance allowed him to focus on defeating cancer instead of worrying about his family's finances.

Are You Overpaying On Taxes?
March 2016

Have you discussed business over lunch with a colleague or taken a client to the driving range? You probably know that those expenses are tax deductible, but documentation can be tedious and time consuming.

Do Your Kids Overspend?
February 2016

Author and Physician Dr. John Whitcomb offers valuable advice on how parents can teach their children to save and spend responsibly, giving parents the freedom to focus on their own financial priorities.

January 31st Deadline Approaching: Obamacare Explained
January 2016

Confused when it comes to Obamacare? January 31st is the deadline to get health insurance - don't risk going uninsured! Listen in to Health Insurance Professional Carrie Weyer, as she breaks down the jargon so you can make an informed decision.

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