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Alastair Haddow
Podcasts - 2015
How Long Can You Live off Your Nest Egg?
December 2015

Retirement may be the biggest lifestyle change you'll ever make - transitioning from working and saving, to living off your nest egg. (Or - What do we have to do to prepare ourselves? How has retirement changed over the years?) With people living longer than ever before, how can you best prepare yourself for financial security? Joining us is Alexandra Macqueen, a university instructor in personal finance and co-author of Pensionize Your Nest Egg. We'll discuss different risk factors to consider and how you can find a perfect blend of tools to help your money last as long as you do.

Don't Become a Financial Burden to Your Children
November 2015

No one wants to become a financial burden to their children, but how you can prevent that from happening? This episode's guest is Rob Horkheimer, Home Accessibility Consultant and Physical Therapist. Rob discusses cost-effective home modifications, new technological advancements, and essential considerations that families on any budget can use to plan for future comfort and independence.

What's Happening with Healthcare?
October 2015

Are you ready for healthcare annual enrollment on November 1st? Between network providers, prescription coverage, premium rates and tax credits, there are a lot of pieces to consider. Client advocate and industry consultant Terry Frett joins Real Wealth® this month to discuss updates and trends in health insurance. Learn what factors to examine and how you can find a great fit when it comes time to update or change your plan.

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